As you may have recently heard, I have resigned from my position here at Narre Warren North to pursue a full time career elsewhere. It is with heavy heart that I bid you all farewell. We have accomplished a lot over the last two years, creating some wonderful forever art, reviving the old table tops with new ones and winning comps. We have expanded our sewing skills, created sculptures galore, learned the art of fine line drawing, painted with a variety of acrylic and permanent paints, explored the world of digital art and much more…..  I have come to treasure you all and will forever keep you in my heart. I will keep posting right up until the end of the year- as we have the unveiling of the finalised shipping container still to come.


Positive and Negative Space


Using coloured squares of paper and black card, students created positive and negative images. We studied the element ‘Space’ looking at how contrast can create interest in a piece of art work. Is the black area the ‘positive’ area or is the coloured paper the ‘positive’?  Attempting to produce accurate symmetry proved difficult for some as they flipped, rotated and stuck down the cut out pieces.

Each student worked at their own level, attempting more layered and harder cuts as they progressed. The final results are very effective and looked great up on the wall.

Everlasting pot plants

1Our Grade 3/4 students have been expanding their sewing skills while creating small potted plants. Using felt, the students created small plants such as cacti, roses, daisies, tulips, etc. The cut out fabric was sewn around the outside and fibre fill was placed in the centre. The plant was then mounted on a thin stick and placed into a decorated pot, filled with newspaper and crepe paper dirt. Each pot was decorated with collage papers.

The students loved their final creations and were very keen to take these home to show their families.

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Update on shipping container art piece.


We have been very busy working on the shipping container mural. Each group of students have worked diligently when applying the paint. With many layers of paint still to go, we are starting to see the overall image take shape.

These are some updated images of the art piece as we now work towards completing the mural this term.


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Ooooohhhh what’s that smell??


3Shoes???  That’s right.  Our Grade 5/6 students have removed their shoes and have been spending time learning how to draw detailed illustrations. We began this topic, by simply drawing a shoe. I gave the students half a lesson to sketch their sneakers. I then asked them to flip over the page and join me on the floor for a discussion.


Talking about line, texture and form, we then explored how these elements can create a drawing. Examining our shoes in more detail with magnifying glasses, the students then realised there was a lot more detail in a 4shoe than they had first thought. Without looking at their original sketches, the students completed the task again with a better knowledge and way of seeing.


The secondary sketches had improved significantly, with the images more detailed and accurate in form and shape.

They were incredibly proud of their sketches, with many surprised at how well they could draw after just one lesson.

These are just a few of the final results.

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Back to the basics


Our foundation students have been looking at the history of art, going right back to cave painting. They explored how cave art was made and the types of tools and mediums they used. We have removed brushes and sponges as tools and encouraged students to use their hands/fingers to create smudges, smears and prints. They have created small animals, people and insects from finger prints and coloured the patterns and shapes on a hot air balloon. The finished pieces will be mounted on a sky blue background with collage hanging basket and puffy white clouds.

Students have also created animal collages using torn paper. Using PVA glue to adhere the torn papers, students layered coloured and printed sheets to create form and shape.



Group project

Our Grade 4-6 students decided that the shipping container at the back of the Art room needed beautification. With some initial sketches prepared, we then set to work transferring and combining the images to create a completed image.

The image is now drawn up on the container and we are ready to start work.


Now the fun begins. Breaking the students up into small groups, I taught each cohort how to paint on a vertical surface, including how to apply permanent paint to avoid unnecessary drips and splashes. The students have caught on quickly and are enjoying the challenge of working in large scale format.


7In just our first week, we have managed to paint almost the entire sky in base coat.  We are looking forward to adding a secondary coat to increase the density and brightness of the blue.