New projects underway


We have just begun our new topics.

The Grade 1’s have been making clay fish- concentrating on form and shape and proper joining techniques. Once dry, these clay creations will be added to a collage background- using inks, sand, stones, real shells, sea weed and sea creatures. The students have had a ball searching through the trays and trays of found objects- which were kindly donated to our Art classroom.

These beautiful little fish were painted with brightly coloured paints and resembled the fish in the book we used for inspiration; ‘The Rainbow Fish’.

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Our Grade 3/4 students have been creating collage flowers- using warm and cool colours with the use and application of texture. They began by painting large sheets of colour, breaking each area down into a large section, middle and small. Each was then to have applied or implied texture added to the coloured base. Once dry, templates of different sized petals were traced onto the page and then cut out. The students are in the process of assembling the collages now and I will post images as they are completed. Here are some images of work in progress.






Welcome back to the Art Room


It has been go, go, go since we arrived back this year.  The students were put to work from week one, looking at what they did on the holidays and creating art pieces from this. Our lovely foundation students were introduced to portrait painting and drawing- and had a great time splashing around with the paints.

We have once again begun the process of creating art pieces for the Toyota Dream Car Contest, and will send off our entries soon. Fingers crossed for a great result.

Very soon we will begin working with clay and modroc as we create 2D and 3D sculptural art pieces.


Christmas Sewing

With Christmas just around the corner, it was now time to start our Christmas sewing projects with the grade preps. The students learned a basic running stitch, gaining an understanding of safety procedures and how to start and end the rows of sewing.

IMG_0901For students who have never held a sewing needle before, this was quite an experience. The room was silent, as the student’s concentrated on getting their stitching in the correct places.

Once the sewing was complete, it was then out with the ‘bling’ to decorate their trees. As you can see the final products were just superb.


Wishing everyone a safe and happy holidays and I look forward to catching up again in the new year.   Mrs Searles

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Art Show 2017


This year’s Art Show was held in the senior BER building and displayed a variety of art pieces which were under the theme ‘Multiculturalism’.

The grade Preps studied Indian culture, creating some lovely patterned elephants, symbolic of their celebrations. While using straws and tissue papers, the Grade Prep students also created Cherry Blossoms in line with Chinese and Japanese cultural celebrations.

The Grade 1 students created small fans with ink backgrounds and marker images while also creating images of Sugar Skulls from the Mexican celebration ‘The Day of the Dead’.

The Grade 2 students tried their hand at origami, making small sea creatures and placing these on a water colour and oil pastel background. These students also created Tipi’s or Teepees, using wooden dowel rods and plastic discs and weaving a multitude of wools through the structures.

The Grade 3 and 4 students drew images of their own totem pole, while also looking at Mexican Culture and producing some very bright and colourful Amate Bark Paintings.

The Grade 5 and 6 students were very busy, creating Egyptian Clay symbols, Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ sugar skulls and aboriginal inspired scraper boards.

Check out the video below, to see a small snippet of the work on display.








Sewing these days seems to be a dying art, but not in our classroom!  Over the term we have been learning the art of sewing, dying fabrics and making small soft toys. For our Grade 1 and 2 classes, we have been learning how to sew a basic running stitch as well as applying buttons to a piece of fabric.

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Our Grade 3/4 students have also been working with a textile medium, while exploring the Art of Shibori- tie dying their own bag and using metallic iron on fabric pieces to decorate.


Our wonderful senior students have also designed and made small felt toys.  Many of these ranged from fruit and vegetable designs, right through to cats, horses and small pillows.

The students are very excited to bring these home, so keep an eye out for some little creations in their bags soon.

The work with Textiles mediums did not stop there!!  While studying North American Indian history, the Grade 3/4 students also tried their hand at making Dream Catchers. Some tied theirs using the traditional methods while others improvised. Overall finished pieces were just beautiful.

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Our gorgeous Prep students had an absolute ball creating ‘Hungry, Hungry Caterpillars’.


And finally but not at all least- Grade 2 students created Teepees (Tipis) from wooden dowel rods, plastic discs and plenty of wool, wool and wool. Plus of course, feathers, pipe cleaners, beads and wire.


Art room renovations



Over the holiday break, we made some lovely improvements to the art room itself. Thanks to the students and their competition win during the Dream Car Art Contest, we secured enough money to update our table tops.

Students will now have wonderfully bright and flat, clean surfaces to work on.

I can’t wait to see their faces on the first day of Term 4, when they begin classes.


20171006_113941           20171006_113947

Clay insects


Clay is such a tactile medium and one which the Prep students have enjoyed working with. Our youngest of students, learnt the technique of building pinch pots, before using these forms to create a variety of different insects and spiders. Pipe cleaners were then pressed into the air dry clay and allowed to set.

Once the forms had dried, the students then used acrylic paints to decorate their forms, prior to bending the pipe cleaners into the correct shapes.

Not only did students learn the art of pinch pots, but they also experimented with squeezing, rolling, pushing, joining and cutting shapes into the clay. This was their first time working with this medium and all seemed to enjoy their experience.

Check out some of our very cute finished products.

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